Goji berry quanto custa

You get a good tonic that goji berry quanto custa will give you strength, energy and vitality. This drink is good to serve in a close companies, especially if the subject of your evening East.

The amount of ingredients suitable for 2-3 cups. You will need.

Cook it very simple. 50 grams of goji berries pour ½ liters of vodka.

Ideally, you want to take Chinese, but if you do not have this, and you go to China are not soon will approach any other, but high-quality 45-degree. Insist need to drink a week.

And then you can appropriate a tincture of goji berries for symptoms of colds by 10 g, 2 times a day.

Weight loss quick

Any dangerous exotic at least that your body can not take it. A small body crumbs still so weak that can rapidly respond to overseas berries.

The same applies to nursing mothers. Everything you eat yourself in one way or another fall into the milk, and for that the body of the brat.

So do not rush to feed the crumbs from the first days of life milk-berry cocktail.

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